Most contractors are losing bids. This is indeed a big problem because you are losing a great opportunity to earn big. So to help you win the bidding, here are 7 practical bid-winning techniques you can learn from Dallas Nugent Canada.

Know the Process

Consider your bid proposal as a job application. A successful bid is more than a resume and it indicates a thorough understanding of your industry, craft, and the bidding process. To master the bid, you must grasp the whole procedure. This may help you master the process and choose the proper tasks to bid on thus increasing your bid-hit ratio.

Find Good Jobs to Bid

Finding fresh employment is one of the greatest challenges for new contractors. They’re “hungry” for employment and their desperation stems not from losing bids, but from not finding projects to bid on. Owners don’t seek them out, and they lack a recommendation network.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for an RFP or pound the streets seeking for work to bid on. There are now several free and paid online bidding options available, as well as various websites where you may locate new tasks to bid on. Quit spending money on ads. Instead, go to the source and locate hundreds of property owners that need and want your services.

Bid On Jobs You Know You Can Win

The easiest approach to avoid bidding on the incorrect task is to understand how to effectively analyze a job before bidding. You have to be aware of important factors to consider in bedding such as the customer, the plans, the designer, the specs, and other bidders.

Read the RFP

Learning to read is arguably the simplest way to increase your chances of winning bids. There are numerous risks to generating a successful bid proposal, but before you spend hours drafting a bid, you must thoroughly read and comprehend the request or RFP to see whether your organization is (1) qualified to take on the project and (2) aware of all requirements.

Create a Winning Bid

Now that you know how to identify jobs to bid on and which jobs to bid on, you can concentrate on crafting your proposal. It’s vital to nail your offer and deliver the most precise estimate possible.

Increasing Bid Coverage

Finding qualified subcontractors for building projects is one of the most difficult tasks nowadays. In fact, poor bid coverage is one of the main reasons contractors lose bids, according to GC surveys. The top subcontractors are too busy to deal with new GCs. To get a good price and bid, you need good subs. Start using subcontractor networks to identify subs actively searching for work in your area.

Improve Bid Accuracy

We cannot emphasize enough the need of precision while bidding. While the whole offer must be precise, your estimate might make or break your chances of winning. Your cost estimations must be correct for you to profit and the project owner to save. So, be cautious and concentrate on producing the most accurate, precise, and complete cost estimate possible.

These are just a few tips that could help you win a bid. You can learn from the experts like Dallas Nugent Canada so you can be able to increase your chances of getting bids. It takes time to become familiar with the whole process of bidding, yet, it will be worth it in the end.

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