Google reviews are a vital aspect of any business’ reputation management. They are a platform for customers to rate and leave their thoughts about the products and services offered. As a reviewer, you have the right to express your opinion freely. However, there may come a time when you want to delete your own google reviews (eigene google bewertungen löschen). Google provides many options to manage your reviews, but it can be tricky to navigate the platform. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to delete your own Google reviews.

1. Sign in to Google

The first step of deleting a review on Google is to access your Google account. Go to google, click on the sign-in button, and enter your email address and password. You will be redirected to your Google account dashboard.

2. Navigate to Your Reviews

The next step is to locate the review you want to delete. Click on the three horizontal lines on the upper left corner of your dashboard. This will display a drop-down menu. From the menu, choose the option labeled ‘Your contributions’. Under ‘Your contributions,’ click on the ‘Reviews’ section. This will display a list of all the reviews you have given on Google.

3. Select the Review You Want to Delete

After locating the review you wish to delete, click on the three dots on it. You will see a pop-up list of options. Choose the ‘Delete review’ option.

4. Confirm the Deletion of Your Review

Google will display a message that confirms your review’s deletion. Before proceeding, make sure that you are deleting the correct review. If so, click on the ‘Delete’ button to confirm.

5. Refresh the Page

After confirming the deletion, refresh the page to ensure that the deleted review disappears from your Google review feed. Your review should now be permanently deleted from Google, and no longer viewable by anyone.

If you have multiple reviews that need to be deleted, simply repeat the process for each one. It is also important to keep in mind that once a review has been deleted, it cannot be restored. Therefore, make sure you really want to delete the review before taking any action.

It is also important to note that deleting a review on Google will not delete it from any other third-party websites. If the review has been syndicated to another site, you may need to contact the website directly in order to have the review removed.

We have addressed the essential steps needed to delete your own Google reviews. As a reviewer, you have the right to express your opinion, and no one should ever take that away from you. However, you may have second thoughts about a particular review or want to make changes to one. That’s why Google provides many options to manage your reviews, and this guide is the starting point to carry out the process effortlessly. We hope that you have learnt how to delete your own Google reviews and make changes to them if required.

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