Cocktail dresses are appropriate for both formal and semi-formal dresses. They let you bear your boldness and elegance in one dress. Cocktail dresses are mostly till the knees and are made with luxurious clothing fabrics like lace, satin, cotton, georgette, and even chiffon. The dresses are also at times embellished with beads, sequins or threadwork, and even ace detailing among others. Want to know the essential cocktail dresses which you should purchase to make your wardrobe ready and running? Then this guide is for you. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 cocktail dresses that you should give some serious thought to and purchase so that your style statement quotient levels up.

5 cocktail dresses that are designed to impress

Off-shoulder dress

Made for women who like to either go big and bold or go home, off-shoulder cocktail dresses are women who have an elite taste when it comes to fashion. Made with lace or georgette clothing fabric you could never be underdressed or over-dressed when wearing an off-shoulder cocktail dress. Be it a casual dinner with friends or a quick coffee with free you can wear your off-shoulder dress and make a fashion statement. In addition to that if you are a believer in business women supremacy then set the tone of the meeting with a formal off-shoulder dress and get that deal you have been working hard for.

Asymmetric cocktail dress

Earn the title of a stunner by donning an asymmetric cocktail dress. You will find a variety of asymmetric cocktail dresses made with different clothing materials including satin, chiffon, and georgette. The dress will bring out your curves yet can be worn by people who like to dress moderately.  You can find many asymmetric cocktail dresses with an off-shoulder detailing or with no straps detailing.

Tea-length cocktail dress

Have a business meeting to attend and a friend’s bachelorette party after that? Don’t think about carrying an extra dress and instead wear your tea-length cocktail dress. It is appropriate for both formal and casual occasions in case you are wondering.  Wear rich colors to add volume to your personality, go for royal blue, deep violet, red, or even white and black.

High neck cocktail dress

Weddings call for high neck cocktail dresses. They are sophisticated yet will not keep you strapped to your sit. You will be able to enjoy the wedding you got invited to and in case it is your wedding then for your after-party, a high neck cocktail dress seems like the perfect idea.

Beaded cocktail dress

Have an event that requires you to be in the spotlight? A beaded cocktail dress will make you shine throughout the time the spotlight is on you. You will look so confident and elegant in a beaded cocktail dress that the spotlight is not going to leave you for someone else.

So here are 5 cocktail dresses which every woman should have in their wardrobe to be every occasion ready.

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